Advanced BFCM Strategies:
How to 10x Your Revenue in Q4

At Chronos, many of our clients usually see a 3-10x increase in sales revenue for BFCM as compared to the rest of the year... just from email marketing alone.

After testing and refining our advanced BFCM strategy with more than 200+ brands over the past few years, here’s what we’ve found:

By applying the right strategy in the right sequence at the right time, you can achieve record-breaking sales in Q4 this year.

In this upcoming Ultimate BFCM Email Masterclass, we’ll be sharing all these tried-and-tested advanced strategies, together with case studies, tactics, frameworks, and templates you can use to maximize your Q4 revenue.

Webinar Starts In:

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • In-depth case studies on how we helped eCommerce stores to 3-10x their revenue during BFCM
  • The 3 most important principles for maximizing your BFCM sales (missing even one of these and your BFCM will fail)
  • The email marketing system we use to help a 7-figure company to quadruple email revenue in just 3 months (just in time to implement in Q4)
  • ​​6 plug-and-play strategies to prime your customers to buy and spend big during the sale period 
  • ​5 email creatives secrets to skyrocket your email conversion rates 
  • ​4 subject lines tactics that can double your open rates 
  • Our proprietary 6-Step Sales Sequence for achieving record-breaking sales
  • ​​12 email examples and templates that you can swipe and use for your own campaigns
  • How to calculate how much money you could be making with your email list (and how much money you’re leaving money on the table by not applying the right strategies)
  • Many more powerful strategies, tips, tactics, and examples you can use for explosive sales during BFCM and Q4!
  • Exclusive bonus content: How you can scale your email revenue every month while spending just a couple of hours each week ​
Webinar Details


A 2+ hour high-level training session focusing on helping you to 10x your sales revenue in Q4


The ‘Email Marketing Wizard” Joshua Chin - CEO and Co-founder at Chronos Agency


The live session will be done through Zoom. There will also be a recording available after the session.


September 28, 2020 @ 11am EST

Return on Investment (ROI)

The results you can get by applying these strategies can easily 1000x the cost of this masterclass

over 200 happy clients
Hear what our clients have to say!
Richard Yancey
We helped increase Richard Yancey's business revenues to 12 -15% in just 3 months!
Sommer Ray's Shop
We worked with Sommer Ray’s Shop and helped them experience a 65% increase in email revenue!
Treexor Hi Tech
 A 500% Increase in Email Revenue Within the First 6 Months
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